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About me

Hello, I’m Victorine Légassa and 
I'm a photographer based in Belgium. 
Besides the love to travel, I have a fascination for architecture, design and nature. To create an image I let myself be guided by the light, shadows and lines that I perceive to obtain a suitable composition unique for each subject. I try to reflect a certain calm in my images and like to capture a subject in an abstract way, so the person who looks at it can give it his own interpretation.

This results in pieces where nothing seems what it really is and some images come out in a mysterious and minimalistic way. Nature is a great source of inspiration for me with its pure colors, structures, shapes and natural  movements.


I can help you with photography and graphic design. Hopefully my work can inspire you and help you find your (missing) piece.​



"Feel free to contact me if you have any questions
about me or my work. I'll be happy to answer them!"

You can write me in Dutch, French or English.

Thanks for reaching out!

VILVOORDE (BE)   |   PICTORINE@OUTLOOK.COM   |   +32478664474