From the start of my studies photography and my very first shoot in 2006 my passion for Photography was my motivation, the search for the perfect picture my goal.

As a certified photographer I specialised first in children portraits till I got the opportunity to become head of studio and lab in a large photography shop. It allowed me to get experienced with as well the technical treatment of pictures as with different topics as children portraits, family sessions, events, weddings, industrial photography, architecture, interior, publicity and many others…

In the same time frame the intriguing evolution from analogue to digital photography took place.

After five years, I had a career switch, but the passion and urge to capture atmosphere, light and emotion in one frame, remained.

As a result, I started in January 2017 as a professional independent photographer, and Pictorine is the result.

For Pictorine the topic remains central in dialogue with its surroundings, together with the client we look for a total concept, from abstract to emotion, moment seeking and natural, pure lines, in short all the elements that capture the essence of the subject as ‘perfect’ as possible.

"When passion strives for perfection"